Day: August 15, 2018

AMD’s New Threadripper 2990WX Much Faster On Linux Than Windows 10

AMD’s monster 32-core Threadripper 2990WX CPU released this week to mostly positive reviews alongside a touch of criticism. When pitted against its closest Intel rival — the Core i9 7980 XE — it offers mostly superior performance and a clear value proposition, especially when tapping software that thrives on high core and thread counts. There’s […]

How to limit CPU usage with CPULimit on Ubuntu Linux

This tutorial describes how to limit CPU usage in Ubuntu 18.04. I will use the cpulimit utility for this purpose. Cpulimit is a tool which limits the CPU usage of a process (expressed in percentage, not in CPU time). It is useful to control batch jobs when you don’t want them to eat too many CPU cycles. […]